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Cultural Confidence in the IP Development of Wenlu

2019/10/10 10:59:19
There are four Disneyland parks in Orlando, USA. Among them, there are 11 national theme pavilions in the EPCOT (Future World) World Stage (Word Showcase) area, including Britain, Mexico, Japan and China. The Chinese theme museum has an archaize building with the same proportion of the Beijing Temple of heaven as its exterior. In fact, it is a 360 degree circular theater. The Ring Screen Cinema plays the Ring Screen Film of Li Bai-tao You Travel to China. Li Bai, dressed in Tang Dynasty clothes and with a long beard, guided tourists in English and guided tourists around China by Cruise ship. Li Bai is Chinese and the Yangtze River is Chinese, but the copyright of "Li Bai takes you to China" is owned by Disney Company of the United States.
Why are resources and stories from other countries, but IP belongs to American companies, while cultural tourism is developing rapidly in the United States? The reason for this is that the United States is good at integrating resources and extracting materials globally, and its integrated innovation ability is obviously higher than that of other countries. The founding history of the United States is very short, and it also lacks the accumulation of traditional culture. However, with an open mind and inclusive mind, the United States learns and absorbs the world's excellent culture. Through the innovative R&D and industrial operation of the United States, it cultivates cultural products into cultural tourism IP and exports them to the world in reverse. In this process, a number of world-class cultural and tourism groups emerged: Disney, DreamWorks, Universal Studios...
The core of IP is personality, emotional, representative quality, and self-contained traffic. Personality is the guarantee for IP to stand out, emotion is the key factor for IP to move people, quality is the basis for IP to stand on, and self-contained traffic is the main characteristic of IP. Personality, emotion, quality and self-contained traffic constitute the basic elements of IP.
With IP, there are barriers to intellectual property rights, moats of competition and high value-added commercial effects. China's culture and tourism industry urgently need to cultivate and develop its own cultural tourism IP, promote the transformation of cultural tourism industry, and lead the upgrading of cultural tourism consumption.
China has a 5,000-year-old history and splendid civilization. Cultural tourism resources are unique, but the creative development of cultural tourism resources is unsatisfactory and is in the initial stage of development. There is a common "cultural resource trap" in China: the longer the place has a long history and profound cultural resources, the weaker the innovative ability of cultural tourism, the slower the iteration of new products of cultural tourism, and the weaker the place with a short history and abundant resources, the stronger the innovative ability of cultural tourism, and the faster the new products of cultural tourism are pushed out.
Beijing Palace Museum is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, the first batch of world cultural heritages and the first batch of 5A-level tourist attractions in China. Tourism resources can not be said to be rich and cultural connotation can not be said to be profound. Because of its strong cultural tourism resources and brand influence, Beijing Palace Museum has always been the most popular tourist attraction for tourists at home and abroad. After the former director of the State Administration of Cultural Relics, Shan Jiuxiang, was transferred to the Palace Museum as dean. On the basis of promoting and traditional Palace Museum culture, he refined and packaged the 600-year-old Palace Museum culture and historical stories with the idea of cultural creativity and the Internet. He has developed many Palace Museum mobile games, developed thousands of Palace Museum creative articles, and the Palace Museum tape and "I miss you very much." ” Folding fans, luggage tags for "Pursuit Travel", Mammy Rong needle boxes, yellow gowns and horsewear T-shirts, etc., have become net red commodities, and have achieved excellent sales and good economic benefits.
Learn international experience, study international cultural tourism IP, bring Chinese wisdom into full play and develop Chinese cultural tourism IP! Although the development of China Travel IP has a long way to go, it has a bright future. Although it is at the initial stage, it is full of confidence.

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